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Our class action practice focuses on litigation that has the potential to achieve enduring effects and have a positive impact on large segments of the public.

Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating high-stakes class actions and have been appointed and certified as lead counsel to represent numerous classes of nationwide and state classes in several areas, including:

Consumer Protection

Our team represents individuals in class actions that seek to recover financial recoveries for consumers who have been victimized by companies that engage in deceptive or unfair business practices and do not deliver goods and services as advertised. Consumer fraud can be perpetrated in many forms, including charging hidden fees, imposing unnecessary costs and manufacturing defective products. We aggressively litigate to combat the wrongdoing and ensure that consumers get what they pay for.

Securities Fraud

Our team represents shareholders in securities fraud class actions filed throughout the United States. Throughout their careers, our attorneys have helped recover millions of dollars for investors who purchased their shares at inflated prices due to the transmission of fraudulent public statements to the market place, only to see the value of their investments plummet when the truth was disclosed.